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What hardware and software do I need?

OPEN LEADS is a web-based application which runs in your browser. That means that you can use it on virtually any computer or other web-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, etc.

Can OPEN LEADS integrate with my website to capture leads?

Yes. Simply create a form in Open Leads and copy and paste the HTML code in the appropriate place on your website. Then once online, any data posted through that form is automatically added to your Open Leads Lead List.

I know autoresponders are a very important means of establishing rapport with my prospects. How can OPEN LEADS help facilitate this?

Workflows are easily configured to work in conjunction with your webforms to generate an instant, personalized autoresponder email that is sent to your prospect.

How can OPEN LEADS automate my sales process?

Our unique Workflow process allows you to automate things like User and Type assignment, task scheduling, email marketing and more.

I have multiple sales reps, how can I be sure they are getting their fair share of new leads?

User assignment for new leads can be set to rotate on a “round-robin” basis, meaning each of your sales team will get an equal share of new leads coming in to your account.

Are there any limits to the number of leads I can work with in OPEN LEADS?

There are lead limits in the Small Business and Office Editions, but you are not limited in the Corporate Edition. However, having more than 50,000 leads results in the application restricting certain functions, such as the type and extent of searches (this is so the application maintains our performance benchmarks). OPEN LEADS is designed to be used as a serious sales and marketing application for small to mid-sized businesses—so if you’re looking for a program to mass email millions of unqualified leads, there are other solutions that may be a better fit for you. Plus, such use violates our terms of use.

Can OPEN LEADS facilitate email marketing?

Yes. Using Open Leads allows you to send mass email messages out to specific lists, or you can configure “drip” email campaigns in Workflows to nurture or warm cold leads.

Is my information in OPEN LEADS secure?

Yes. OPEN LEADS conforms to current security standards. Our server cluster is hosted with Immedion, a leader in high-end hosting. Your data is stored on redundant servers and backed up daily. We take our responsibility for your data very seriously.

Trial Period

How does the 30-day trial work?

Sign up and try OPEN LEADS for 30 days. Your card will not be charged until the trial period is over, at which point it will be charged for the first month of service. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your account, you won’t be charged for anything. (The only reason we ask for credit card information up front is to verify you are a real person – even though OPEN LEADS is free to try.)

Why can’t I send out a bunch of mass emails during my trial period?

The Mass Email feature is reserved for our clients who have ended their trial or who have contacted us to immediately convert to a paid subscription. The reason is simple, the Mass Email feature is powerful but resource intensive, that’s why very few applications like ours offer it.

Payment and Billing

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept online payment through credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

Will I be committed to a long-term contract with OPEN LEADS?

No. OPEN LEADS™ is a strictly month-to-month system, so you can cancel at any time.

What if I want to upgrade or downgrade, or even cancel my account? How will that affect my billing?

Because we bill month-to-month you can upgrade or downgrade your account as needed. Your billing will automatically change for the next billing cycle. Of course, you may cancel your account at any time without penalty, other than being charged for the current month of usage. If for some reason you do want to cancel, you will continue to be able to use OPEN LEADS at its former level until the end of the billing period for which you have already paid.

I have the Corporate Edition – what if I want to add extra users in the middle of a billing period?

Since we don’t bill partial months—and since nobody wants to wait weeks in order to expand their sales capability—the only way for us to handle this situation is to allow you to add the users free of charge for the remainder of the current billing period and add those user fees to your next invoice.

Do you pro-rate your fee if I sign up half-way through the month?

Your billing cycle will begin on the day your credit card is charged, rather than on the first of the month, so there is no need to pro-rate charges.

Do you offer refunds if I cancel before the current month is over?

No. Billing is strictly by monthly units, so we neither pro-rate nor refund.

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