Open Leads Scheduled Maintenance

Open Leads will be unavailable from 4:00 am to 10:00am EST on Sunday, January 25

During this time we will be moving Open Leads to a new set of servers. This move is in anticipation of our next round of features to be released this spring. In addtion to adding capacity, the new servers are also quite a bit more robust than the old ones, and will offer us the ability to provide better performance and better service to our users.

We apologize for the interruption in service, and appreciate your patience as we make this transition.

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Fall Update – Coming Monday, October 6!

We are pleased to announce a major update to your Open Leads account, which will launch this Monday. Among the new features included in this update are:

* Sales Pipeline *
One of the most requested features over the past year is the ability to monitor sales, which lead to the development of our new Lead Status/ Sales Pipeline. Each lead in your account will be able to be classified by product line, value, status, and completion percentage. Completing steps in your sales workflow automatically increments your sales perentage to the next level until you achieve “Sales Won” or “Sales Lost.” This powerful feature also allows managers to run reports to see how many sales are in the pipeline and their dollar values.

* Same Page Editing *
This is the “Wake the kids and phone the neighbors” change to Open Leads that we have been working on for several months. All edits for your leads, including adding fields and types are now handled on a single screen, making Open Leads the easiest to use Lead Management application on the market today.

* Updated User Interface *
New functionality lead us to create a freshened, easier to read look for Open Leads.

* Sales Tips and Power User Hints *
Open Leads now incorporates a new content engine that allows you to receive dynamic and informative sales lessons from the top sales trainers in the world, plus Hints and Tips from Open Leads Power Users.

* New Tasks System *
We have integrated Tasks more closely with the Leads in Open Leads and have eliminated the more generic “Actions” tab. This allows users to quickly and easily monitor their active, pending and past due tasks, plus you may also now cancel pending tasks on leads quickly and easily from the lead detail screen.

* Mass Apply Tasks *
With the new Tasks functions, comes the ability to mass apply a task to your entire lead list or a segment of the list you have sorted using Views.

* New Views *
User feedback concerning our views led to a redesign of the View and Filter system, making it easier and more powerful than before,.

* Custom Field Labeling *
Users may now group their custom fields together and label the groups, greatly reducing the effort needed to add new fields to a Lead record.

* Copy Lead Across Accounts *
Have more than one Open Leads account? You can now move entire lead records from one account to another with the push of a button.

* Workflow Updates *
Workflow has been updated to integrate Sales Pipeline updates. We have also added the ability to add and remover users and types via Workflows.

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Captcha launched on all Forms

Form spam becomes a problem for popular websites (including ours) and, although it is basically harmless fpr Open Leads users, it is an major annoyance. The best way to circumvent this process is to make sure all forms are completed by a living, breathing human being, rather than a computer, or “bot,” buy using a Captcha code on your forms.

The development team at Open Leads upgraded all accounts to include Captcha on all Open Leads forms. Captcha, for those not familiar, is the process of requiring human completion of a form by verifying a specific code (usually a series of letters and/or numbers) before submitting a form.

This a vital upgrade for all Open Leads users because it enables them to prevent the “spamming’ of their form by bots. If you elect to enable Captcha on any of the forms that you directly link to, or if you use the embed code and have your form fields in an iframe, the person filling out the form will have to enter the specific code displayed in order to submit the data.

To enable Captcha on any form you currently have active, click on the Forms link under the Settings Tab and select the form you wish to enable Captcha on. Once you open the form editor, on the right hand side of your screen, you will see several options, including one called “Uses Captcha.” Click on the checkbox and the Captcha code will be automatically inserted on your form. That is all there is to it for hosted forms. If you have forms created by exporting the HTML from our system, you will need to enable Captcha for those forms, and then update the HTML on your site.

If you want to test how it works, simply create a new “test” form in your system and set it to use Captcha. Then fill the form out and observe the process.

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June Updates

The latest round of updates and improvements have been launched, and it is a pretty big list. We have made changes to add functionality of the email system, some user interface updates, some new Account Administrator functions, as well as the way that leads can be written into your account.

Rather than go on and on in a single post, each of the new features will be posted separately.

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