User Sort Order

You can now sort the order of your users under Settings (top right corner).

This give you the ability to determine the sort order of users for various functions such as Order Rotation for assigning leads under Work Flows. This was previously sorted alphabetically.

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New Open Leads Dashboard

Added new graphs will new selectable date ranges as well as NEW Bottom Table that shows User Activity

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Primary User -Autogrouping

Open Leads has added the capability to retain the original “assigned” user on subsequent contacts if Autogrouping is selected AND Assign Auto Group Primary User is Enabled. While in the Forms detail section, in the right column you will see where to check. See below.

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Call Logging

We have now added Call Logging to your Lead Detail Screen.

Call logging allows user to quickly record that they have called a prospect, and record the notes regarding that call in the History section of the Lead Detail Screen:

To log a call, simply click the link next to the phone number section in the lead detail screen. A dialog box will open up to allow notes to be entered.


Once committed the call record is logged with a time and date stamp and user in the history, and can be later reviewed.


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Updated email editor

We’ve made some improvements to the email editor, making it faster and easier to create colorful and effective email messages.

The new editor has cleaner and easier-to-use navigation, and simpler formatting options, so that users can change font styles, colors, and placement with more flexibility. It is also easier to insert lists, tables, and images.

email editor

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New Lead Detail Screen and Date-Picker Calendar

New Lead Detail Screen

The latest update to Open Leads is the redesign of the Lead Detail Screen and a new date-picker calendar for scheduling Tasks.

Since the launch of the current version of Open Leads (v 3.2), the Lead Detail screen has been divided – the left hand side containing the Lead Data, and the right hand side containing the Lead Detail information. The Lead Detail section, by default displayed all of the information in the various segments of the column at all times.

The revised design allows for users to expand and collapse segments of the lead detail column in order to only view the data that is relevant to their use of Open Leads, and to conserve screen space on smaller displays.

With all of the lead detail boxes collapsed, the display is very compact and makes it easy for the user to focus on the lead contact information:

With certain boxes expanded, more information can be displayed, depending on your specific needs.

 Date Picker

The new Date-Picker Calendar updates the design, and makes scheduling times a bit easier. Of course our “Smart-Date” function works like always, so you can type in your date, or a phrase like “next Tuesday” in the date field as well, in order to schedule your upcoming tasks.


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Open Leads Mobile – Sales Force Automation and Lead Management “on the go!”

As we look to use our Lead Management, SFA and CRM apps more and more in our daily operations, Smartphones and Tablets become more prevalent than our laptop and desktop computers.

With our release of our new Open Leads Mobile you can now access your  account “on the go” with a mobile-optimized user experience. The best part? No apps to download or configure – simply navigate to your Open Leads account in your browser on your mobile device, and you are automatically in Open Leads Mobile.

The mobile version of Open Leads is designed to get work done, and to make this as easy as possible, we have streamlined the user experience. The Dashboard is gone, along with the settings tab, so you can quickly see your Leads and your Tasks – the two most important elements when “working your leads.”

The Lead List and Lead Detail:



Editing your leads is easy and simple on the Mobile Version as well:


The Task List and Calendar:

mobile_task_calendar mobile_complete_task

Completing a task is as easy as in the desktop version, just touch the green checkmark icon, enter your comment and touch the “Complete” button.

If you need to access more complex and advanced features in Open Leads, just scroll down and touch the “View Full Site icon, and you will be able to access the full version of Open Leads. This way, if you need to add a user, update your data fields, or create a sales message, you can still do it without being tied to your desktop. Once you have made your admin changes, click the “View Mobile Site” link at the bottom of the screen to return to Open Leads Mobile.

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Functionality added to “Opportunities” – Status/Pipeline

To give your sales process more power and to add additional metrics for you to measure your success, we’ve revamped the “Opportunities” feature by adding the ability to better manage the core of the Pipeline: Opportunities, Stages and Status.  Our goal was to add power and at the same time, simplify it for the user. With this new update, it is now possible to rearrange their order, rename the stages and their labels and view only those Opportunities and Stages that are applicable to your sales process. This cascades into “Lead Detail”, “Views” and “Workflow” to better customize your sales automation.

Under Settings you will see that the icon  called “Opportunities” has been replaced with “Pipeline” – we made this change to the nomenclature to better clarify the functions of this feature. Here is where you define your product sales status and opportunities that comprise your sales pipeline.


In addition to changing the naming convention, we have also updated the feature functionality by allowing you rearrange Opportunities, rename, relabel and opt to hide and show stages within those opportunities to reduce clutter in your account and to streamline presentation of data. Opportunity labels still  allow you the chance to define up to 10 different product lines/services that you offer to your clients.


When initially configuring this element of your Open Leads account, you must give each Opportunity a name. If you were an insurance salesperson and selling renters insurance policies you might like to name the opportunity “Renters Policies”. After you have established the name of the opportunity and pressed save you have the ability to define the progress level in the sales process of that particular opportunity. By default, these steps are laid out as a series of percentage labels (i.e Label for 0%). But you can custom configure these as needed . For example you might define several of the labels in the following way:

Label for 25% = Prospect Inquiry
Label for 50% = Phone Call with Prospect
Label for 75% = In person visit with Prospect
Label for 100% = Prospect signed up for policy

With the latest update you could also configure this as:

Step 1= Prospect Inquiry
Step 2 = Phone Call with Prospect
Step 3 = In person visit with Prospect
Step 4 = Prospect signed up for policy

This example uses the same placement as the previous example that used percentages, and hide the ones you are not using, so that they do not appear on your dropdown options when editing a lead.

You can also reorder the Opportunities. Just click on the links as indicated, and mouse over, click and drag to reorder in the same manner as you can with Messages and Workflows:


The other new feature is the ability to rename the Status categories to allow them to better align with your . Click on the “Manage Pipeline: Status” tab, then click the Status that you wish to rename:


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New Signature Options

We’ve made some updates to the Signature options available to Open Leads users – now there are three different signatures that can be inserted into any email message using the [Signature] token – a basic signature, a signature with a photo (using your profile photo), and a signature with a logo.

To edit your signatures, got to Settings, then click on Personal Profile. You will see the signature section has expanded to include these different options, along with a line to select your “Default” signature.


Also, when composing a new email message, you can simply click on the “Insert Signature” button to add your default signature.


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What we’ve been up to lately….

A new look

You probably noticed that we changed the look of the app a bit, added some new colors and given the site a visual update. We are continuing to refine the overall feel of the app and are making some additional “behind the scenes” changes in preparation for more new features that are being developed.


A New Email Editor

Email has evolved into a major marketing tool, and the way we send and receive email has evolved as well. Modern email clients are better equipped to manage HTML, and are less vulnerable to malware and other malicious elements that plagued email in the past. And, as “nice looking” emails became more practical, their use has increased dramatically. In response to this we recently launched our new HTML email editor.

Before, although we allowed HTML emails, the default was plain text. And we sort of forced you to be able to code HTML, or at the minimum, compose your emails in some external editor, then copy and paste the HTML code into your message. Now, with the new editor, you can compose HTML email directly in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) composition screen – no HTML knowledge is necessary.

new_acme_widgets email

A Better Email Signature Composer with
Multiple Signatures and a Default Signature

Users can now easily compose their email signature, create a signature with their profile photo, and create a signature with their company logo – then choose among the three to automatically be inserted in new emails as they compose them.

These signatures can also be set to be inserted in your saved emails in your Message Library using Email Tokens.

Insert Unsubscribe Link

We added a button in the email composition screen to make it quick and easy to insert your unsubscribe link into your custom “Opt out” statement in the message body when sending a mass email.

As before, if you don’t insert your own, Open Leads automatically puts it at the bottom of your mass emails to ensure your mail is CAN-SPAM compliant.

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