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Q- I just added a new lead to the form I have created for my account. I filled out all the necessary fields, including the email address which is a required field. I get an error on the email field… Why won’t Open Leads 3.1 add the lead I just entered?

A- On hosted forms, or forms embedded on your website with iframe code, will display an error on the field that was rejected when a form was submitted. In this instance, the email field was the culprit. Why? Whenever you enter an email address into a form the entry must be in valid email format. A valid email address must contain an @ and . within the address (i.e or ). If you have to enter many leads in which you don’t know the email address, I recommend making Email a non-required field on your form. That way if you don’t know the email address or one isn’t provided you can leave the field blank with no issues.

This structural format requirement applies to Email field entries but not Phone number entries. If a Phone number field is a required field and you don’t know the number you can simply enter a ? without any problem.

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