Add Lead to Group via Form

We added a new feature this afternoon – the ability to add a Lead to a Lead Group using forms in your account.

Lead Grouping is a very useful feature, allowing you to create a group of leads based on a relationship. For example, you can group all contacts in your lead database who work for the same company, or are all in the same family, for example. It also allows subsequent leads coming in to your account who have the same email address to automatically group together. Once grouped, the History for all of the leads in the group can then be viewed at one time, if you want, making it really easy to review all comments, emails, etc.

Really useful in organizing your database, but a little hard to add a new lead to a group. Based on early feedback we added the ability to add a new lead to an existing group using any form you have in your account, and what is even better, if you include general fields in your form, they auto-fill with the contact information from the primary lead – cutting down on data entry time.

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