Composing an Email

There are all sorts of places to find out the best way to compose a marketing email, so we will not go into a lot of detail about what you should write or whether or not you should use HTML – I will go so far as to say don’t compose your message in all caps, though. Believe it or not some folks still do. Bad Internet etiquette…..

I would encourage you to use the Open Leads Token system, though. Adding Tokens to the body of your email allows you to personalize the message, even if it is used as an Autoresponder. Put yourself in your sales contact’s shoes… would you rather get an email addressed to you personally, or one addressed to “Dear Website Prospect?” It is the 21st century equivalent of the old cold call greeting, “May I please speak to the man or woman of the house?” – a real turn-off, right?

Inserting an email token is quite simple. From your email edit screen, you will see to the right a list of tokens that you can use. Open Leads creates a Token for each field in your account. You can copy and paste from the generated list, or just type the Tokens you wish to use into your message.

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