Default View

Due to popular request, we have added a “Default View” feature in the latest release. If you open your Saved Views from the Lead List, whichever view is the first one on your list will become your default View. This means that whenever you log in to Open Leads and go to the Lead List, this will be the View you see. To change which saved View is your default, simply drag the one you wish to use to the top of the list.

If you like the ” View All Leads” that is the default when you first set up your account, you will need to save it and then drag it to the top position. The trick to doing this is to add an additional field to the view, sort a column or make some other modification to the view. The View then becomes a “Custom View” and can be saved. To save the view, just click on the red “Save” link next to “Viewing: Custom View” and then name the View – “All Leads” for example.

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