New Feature: Modified Date

Users have a valuable new tool to track their activity with leads in their account. The date the lead was last modified is now incorporated into the Lead Detail. By selecting this data, either in the List View of your leads, or in your filter criteria, you can, for example, find all of the leads modified within a specific date range. This is especially useful in tracking leads you have contacted recently, or leads that have been neglected.

The Modified Date toggles with the Added Date on any of your Lead List Views. To display the Modified Date, click on the Asterisk in the Date Column, and then click on “Modified.” You may further refine the display by clicking on “Modified” once it is displayed in the column header, to choose between chronological and inverse chronological order of display. Inverse chronological is the default and displays the most recently modified lead.

You may also choose this field to set up Custom Views or Saved Views using Filters, choosing single dates, ranges, etc.

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