Updated Workflows

The release of the latest version of Open Leads includes a revised Workflow system. While functioning much the same way as Workflow always has, some key features have been added to incorporate the Sales Pipeline Functionality.

As you create an new Workflow, or edit an existing one, you will now see the Pipeline information. Editing this will allow you to automatically apply a Status, Opportunity, Stage and Value to any lead to which this Workflow is applied. Keep in mind that Workflows can be applied manually, or automatically via the submission of a form.

An additional new feature in Workflows is the ability to add or delete a user or add or delete a type upon application of the Workflow to a new lead. This upgrades the previous version in which you could only add Types and Users.

Autoresponders and the addition of Tasks remains the same as in the previous version, with the exception that the previous version referred to tasks as “Actions.”

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