Using the Message Library

Sending out saved messages from Open Leads is as easy as saving a document in a word processor. The new Message Library feature allows you to create and save plain text or HTML email messages for use as Autoresponder emails or as templates to use for commonly used responses.

The first step is to create your message. Click on the Settings Tab, and then on Messages, and then on the “Add Message” link.

Compose your email using our email editor, or copy and paste your HTML from whichever editor you use. You can then modify the message as needed, adding, for example a First Name Token to personalize the email to the recipient as it is sent out.

One note – the editor will save the message as whatever the subject line is, or more accurately, whatever you name the message will be the subject line – so don’t name it “First Autoresponder.” Give it a descriptive, spam-filter friendly subject.

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