Using the Sales Pipeline Feature

The Sales Pipeline and Status feature, which is located on the right side of the Lead Detail Screen,allows you to assign a Status (Cold, Warm, Hot, Closed Won and Closed Lost) to a lead; and classify which Sales Opportunity that it is in. Additionally, users may list a percentage of completion (or likelihood to close), and a one-time or recurring value to the Opportunity. Sales personnel and managers can then create Views that filter this information and display data such as potential sales, won sales, lost sales, or sales personnel performance over a given period of time.

Sales Pipeline data can be incrementally updated manually, or automatically upon the completion of a task using Workflows. See the entry on updated Workflows for more information on this feature.

To implement the new Sales Pipeline feature in your existing account, first create your Opportunities in the Settings Tab. Then, using Views on the Lead List screen, you can sort your list to identify your hot prospects, for example, and apply elements of the Sales Pipeline in mass. These options have been added to the dropdown menu to the right side of the Lead List.

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