What are “Tokens,” anyway?

“Tokens” are placeholders that can be used in your mass emails, autoresponders or email templates stored in your Message Library in Open Leads.

There are Tokens automatically created for each field you have in your account, along with ones for signatures and for the unsubscribe link for your CAN-Spam compliance.

To use a Token, simply type it into the message body, or copy and paste it from the list that you see on the right hand side of your email composition screen in Open Leads. It is simply the name of the field inside square brackets – like [First], for example. Inserting this into your messge body will result in Open Leads replacing the Token with the data from recipient’s record in your account. “Dear [First]” becomes “Dear Bob” in the email that is actually sent.

Using the [Signature] Token places your signature from your Personal Profile in the message, so you no longer have to type that in in all the messages.

A new Token, called “[Lead Signature]” is related but a little different – this places the signature of the User assigned to the lead into the message. This is very useful in creating Autoresponders that are sent from a Workflow that also assigns a user by rotation. In this scenario, the email message is personalized not only to the recipient, but also from the user that was assigned that lead.

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