Open Leads Scheduled Maintenance

Open Leads will be unavailable from 4:00 am to 10:00am EST on Sunday, January 25

During this time we will be moving Open Leads to a new set of servers. This move is in anticipation of our next round of features to be released this spring. In addtion to adding capacity, the new servers are also quite a bit more robust than the old ones, and will offer us the ability to provide better performance and better service to our users.

We apologize for the interruption in service, and appreciate your patience as we make this transition.

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Enter A Comment as You Complete a Task

The latest round of updates also streamlined the commenting process. Now, as you complete a task, you have the option of immediately entering a comment – all from the completion box. This replaces the previous method of completing the task and then having to click to open the comment box.

Entering a comment is not required upon completion of a task, but is extremely valuable in providing complete history records of lead contact. For example, you complete a scheduled follow up call, and in the comments box you enter a synopsis of your call so that the important points are there for you when you make your next contact with that person.

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Easier Lead Entry

Manually entering leads became a little bit easier with the latest update to Open Leads. Adding a lead is done from the Lead List by clicking on the “Add Lead” link.Adding lead from form

When entering a new lead you have the choice of the “manual” process which gives you three critical fields – First Name, Last Name and Company. Alternately you have had the choice of entering the lead via a form, which gives you your choice of fields to use when entering a new lead. Previously this involved selecting from “Add Lead Manually” or “Add Lead From a Form” and then a second step, which was choosing your form from the list of available ones.

In this release, this has become a single step process, allowing you to choose themanual entry option or to choose which of your forms you wish to use from a single dropdown.

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Where did my Actions go?

In the latest release, “Actions” have been replaced with “Tasks.” Tasks are steps, activities, or other “to-do’s” that need to be completed to move the lead through the sales process.

Scheduled Tasks for each day appear on your dashboard as you log into Open Leads, and your entire list of tasks can be viewed from your Lead List. Each account now has two new Views included, one called “Active Tasks” and one called “Completed Tasks.” Clicking between these will show you your upcoming Tasks, whether scheduled or open-ended, and your completed tasks. You may modify these as you wish, or use them as guide to create other views for Active Tasks for a particular user, or period of time, etc., simply by recreating the filters used in these views, and then adding additional filters to display the data you want to see.

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Updated Workflows

The release of the latest version of Open Leads includes a revised Workflow system. While functioning much the same way as Workflow always has, some key features have been added to incorporate the Sales Pipeline Functionality.

As you create an new Workflow, or edit an existing one, you will now see the Pipeline information. Editing this will allow you to automatically apply a Status, Opportunity, Stage and Value to any lead to which this Workflow is applied. Keep in mind that Workflows can be applied manually, or automatically via the submission of a form.

An additional new feature in Workflows is the ability to add or delete a user or add or delete a type upon application of the Workflow to a new lead. This upgrades the previous version in which you could only add Types and Users.

Autoresponders and the addition of Tasks remains the same as in the previous version, with the exception that the previous version referred to tasks as “Actions.”

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AJAX Updates

We have just added some additional AJAX updates to Open Leads, which have streamlined additional edits for the application.

Among these are the “Add Field” and “Add Type” functions. Now, instead of being taken to an additional page to create a new Field or Type, it is done on the same screen. Not only does this make the process of adding a Field or Type easier, it reduces the number of clicks and time that it takes.

Additional updates to the user interface are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Adding a new lead using a form

Using forms has always been the easiest and most productive way to manually add a new lead to your Open Leads account. By entering a lead using a form, you are able to use only the pertinent fields for new lead entry, and are also able to trigger a Workflow upon entry. Workflows adds one or more Types to the leads, can assign a User and Actions, as well as trigger an Autoresponder Email.

But until now this required creating a form and then opening it in a new window in your browser or using the preview function. While effective, it was not the most efficient way of doing this. The latest update to Open Leads adds the function to add a lead from a form directly in the application. To use this function, first click on “Add Lead” from your lead list. When the dialogue opens, you have the option of adding manually (the same as before) or adding from a form. Choose the latter and then select the form you wish to use from the dropdown. At that point all of the fields from the form you chose will be displayed and you can add data and tab through the fields as needed. Once done and you click “Save,” your lead is entered, and any Workflows associated with it are triggered.

The key to this working well, of course, is to create a form (or series of forms) for your specific new lead needs, and any workflows you wish to be applied. Make sure that you reference them in the Apply Workflow section when you edit your form.

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Archiving Leads

Users may now elect to either Archive or Delete a lead that they no longer wish to appear in their active leads. Archive is a new feature that effectively removes the lead, but allows a user with Account Administrator privileges to recover the leads at any time.

Updates to the delete process also archives the deleted leads for retrieval, however the lead will only remain accessible to recover for 30 days. Deleted leads will then be removed forever.

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Default View

Due to popular request, we have added a “Default View” feature in the latest release. If you open your Saved Views from the Lead List, whichever view is the first one on your list will become your default View. This means that whenever you log in to Open Leads and go to the Lead List, this will be the View you see. To change which saved View is your default, simply drag the one you wish to use to the top of the list.

If you like the ” View All Leads” that is the default when you first set up your account, you will need to save it and then drag it to the top position. The trick to doing this is to add an additional field to the view, sort a column or make some other modification to the view. The View then becomes a “Custom View” and can be saved. To save the view, just click on the red “Save” link next to “Viewing: Custom View” and then name the View – “All Leads” for example.

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Email-in Leads

One of the most attractive features of Open Leads is its flexibility. Open Leads has always been an application that could be used for a variety of different lead types, simply by creating different forms for your different types of leads. The only limitation was that the forms had to be posted or linked to in order to get the Lead data.

With this latest update, though, the flexibility has increased dramatically. Many of our users receive leads from lead generation websites that email the lead information to them. Now, instead of having to manually enter the data into Open Leads, that lead can be written directly into your account.

Account administrators can set up the process first by establishing an email code if you have not done so already. This is done from the “Settings” tab, by clicking on the “Email-in” icon. Here you will see your current email in address ( which you can change if you need to at any time. Keep in mind that changing the email address will invalidate the old address and require updating any lead sources that use the existing address.

You may then supply that email code to any third party lead source that supports the email formats supported by Open Leads. Any lead that is emailed to you at that point will then be written directly to your account. Currently Open Leads supports leads from the following:

  • More are being added as needed. If there is a particular source you need to work with Email-in in Open Leads, please contact us

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